Monday, August 13, 2007

Hottest female pool players!

We at BBBilliards are always keen to promote the female side of pool (and snooker too) and we're running a series of what we believe the are some of the hottest pool table players from around the world!

First up we have THE STRIKING VIKING - Ewa Mataya Laurance - a professional female billiards player of the highest calibre!

Based in the USA, Ewa professionally plays billiards at a competitive level. Let's just hope Ewa decides to come over to the UK soon and show off her billiards playing skills to a British audience soon!

Ewa is prominent on the Women's Professional Billiard Association tour and has played competitively since the age of 14.

We'd be delighted if Ewa was to grace our billiards pool tables here at BB Billiards and look forward to Ewa hopefully coming over to the UK soon.

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