Monday, August 13, 2007

Never mess up a pool shot again!

The pressure's on to win the game and you lose out big style for one reason!

You never retipped your pool and snooker cues and messed up the final shot.


Keeping your pool cue "tipped top and ready" (excuse the pun) can make the difference to you being crowned champion or going home the loser...

So how do you retip your cue?

The Glue on Cue Tip

Basically saw the tip off from the end of the ferrell (this is a metal or plastic sheath behind the tip) ensuring the end of the tip is flat. Use a piece of sandpaper to ensure the surface is flat, clean and dry before you apply glue. Once this is complete then glue the end of your cue to the back of the tip, maintain a positive pressure until joined together. Then, using a cue tip clamp will help to hold the tip in place whilst it states.

Cheaper cue tip glue (correctly it's called cue tip cement) can mean that you'll have to wait upto 12 hours. Our Cue tip cement allows you to be back in the game inside 10 minutes.

Push on Cue Tips

Quickly pulling off - be careful to not damage the end of the cue. If the push on cue tip is sticking then use a small amount of soap to help it loosen it's grip on the cue.

Place the push on cue over the end of the cue and its that easy just push it on till it cannot go any farther up the cue.

Screw on Cue Tips

Self explanatory and probable the most secure and convenient to use - to change the cue tip just gently unscrew and replace with a new tip. As obvious as it sounds ensure the tip is not cross threaded when screwed in and also ensure you check it remains tightly secured during play - remember to only do this BEFORE you apply chalk to your cue otherwise handling the cue may rub off the chalk you just applied!

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