Thursday, August 23, 2007

Under 21’s Snooker World Championships in Goa

Some of the worlds best snooker players come to showcase there talents at the Under 21's World Snooker Championships, teams from 25 countries across the world will be competing for the honor and glory that is to be the World Champions.

The nine day competition is organised by the IBSF (International Billiard and Snooker Federation) and for the first time this year the championship has a separate section for Under 21 women.

This championship is a big deal for the players involved and is regularly a first step for winners towards there pro level carriers and entering the England Pro circuit.

This years hosts India, hosting the event for the 3rd year, are putting on a good show for the event, despite being lowly ranked them selves. This is some what a bit of a surprise as in previous years India has produced some Snooker greats like Wilson Jones and Michael Ferreira.

The favourite countries for this years Championships are China, England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Thailand. The championship commenced on the 20th of August and continues to the 31st of August.

Bahrain hosted the event in 2005, where the Chinese players bagged all the top three positions so we should be seeing some more top class Asian players on the Pro Circuit in the coming years.

The Professional Wold Championship was first held in 1927 with the help of Englishman, Joe Davis, who dominated the championships until 1946. The BBC saw an opportunity in the sport and launched a programme called pot black. The first Televised championships was broadcast in 1976.

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