Monday, June 4, 2007

Top 10 Tips for looking after your Pool table

If you want to keep your pool table looking and lasting longer then these tips are for you. You can apply these tips to any pool table with any kind of cloth and it will make a difference.

  1. Keep your table in a room temperature dry place - (When they mention "dry place" this includes the need for the air not to be moist, this is especially important for tables with mdf playing surfaces. Also when they mention "room temperature" this just means that it is recommended that tables are not kept in cold places and ideally they last longer and play better when they are in an environment YOU would feel comfortable in.).

  2. Provide enough space around your table to play shots - (The tighter the space around your table the more likely it is to get damaged, both from a side of the table getting scratched and kicked point of view as well as from a heavy leaning on the table and playing dangerously angled shots into the cloth because of obstacles. You should have as a minimum from the edge of the table, not the playing surface, enough space for the longest cue you use on the table. For measuring up details please see this information on our web site - Room to Table and Cue Size Guide.).

  3. You should brush and clean your cloth/baize after every week of use - (You should use a good quality cloth/baize cleaner and table brush to maintain a good looking longer lasting cloth/baize.).

  4. You should use a racking cloth every time to rack the balls in the triangle or diamond - (This prevents the abnormal wearing of the cloth in one area of the table, also on speed cloth it can prevent unnecessary bruising of the cloth. To get a racking cloth for your table click here).

  5. Using a cover on the table will increase the life of the cloth and maintain the quality of the table - (Covers are available for most table sizes and also come in a couple of different durability's. There are the standard covers, which are just water proof and designed to keep dust and water off the table. Then there are the heavy duty covers that are designed to do the same as the standard covers but also prevent the table from scratching and to an extent any ripping. Both covers are available from our store and either will improve the longevity of your table and it's cloth/baize.).

  6. Using the correct colour chalk for your cloth - (The correct colour chalk for your table is a chalk the same colour as the cloth on your table. This helps maintain the quality and aesthetics of the cloth. As every shot taken on a table leaves a certain amount of chalk in the cloth/baize of the table if you were using a red chalk on green cloth/baize then this would ruin the look of the cloth in no time, making it look more worn and used than it actually was.).

  7. Have at least one rest for the table - (It is recommended to have a rest for the table especially home tables as this stops players from needing to put large amounts of there body weight on the table to play long shots, which will effect the level of the table and in time the stability.).

  8. Make sure the cushions are on tightly - (This is more a tip for slate bedded tables than mdf bed tables. It is good to go round the cushions on your slate bed table once a month or more regularly if needed to check that all the cushion fastenings are tight. If the cushion fastening start to get loose then this will cause the cushions to loose there bounce making it look like the cushion rubbers have perished.).

  9. Where possible you should refrain from setting up your pool table on carpet - (Carpet will squash and push off the tables legs causing the level of the table to change as the feet of your table slowly squash down into the carpet at different speeds on all four corners. It is recommended that if you have to put your table on carpet that you use shims to provide a flat point for the feet of the table to sit on. We can supply these though you will need to contact us with your requirements.).

  10. You should re-mark and or re-spot your table periodically - (It is recommended that you use D marking sticks and marking pens or pencils along with table spots to maintain the points a lines on your table showing ball placements and restrictions for the game. You can find these parts in our online store.).

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