Friday, June 1, 2007

Supporting Local and International Charities

Every month BBBilliards works with charities and organisations to supply them with subsidised and free pool, snooker and games table equipment and accessories. Locally this helps social clubs and youth clubs keep functioning and providing communities with much needed facilities for there younger members. We also support charities around the world by providing them with these games tables and equipment in an effort to putting a smile on the younger generations of the people in disaster recover situations and 3rd world countries.

This boxing day of 2006 we provided games tables to Challenge Anneka for a project she was working on along side World Vision to travel to Sri Lanka to show how the relief programme in this devastated region is not just a quick fix, but is a long term commitment from the local population and aid agencies to help communities recover not just in this Asian Tsunami region. The challenge involved rebuilding a maternity clinic and providing medical equipment and supplies, constructing a children’s playgroup and redeveloping a cricket pitch and pavilion.

This is just some of the social responsibilities we take on and if you feel that there is a cause that we should know about or if you think that we could help your organisation then please contact us we will be happy to help in any way we can.

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