Friday, January 28, 2011

48HR Legends Cue SALE - Ends 2455hrs Sunday 30th of Jan

This week end is the time to get your hands on the Limited edition Legends cue range and case.

This weekend only BBBilliards are offering these out standing and popular cues and cases together delivered to your door for an outstanding £99.99.

Demand will be high and supply is limited so order now to save disappointment. Click here for details.

These exceptional cues have the below product description:

Top quality Limited Edition cues endorsed by World Champion Snooker event winners, The Legends Range. This snooker cue made by BCE is endorsed by Ronnie O'Sullivan and like all the Legends Range cues features the best materials and the latest and best features of todays cues. These cues are truly exclusive for the discerning enthusiast.

These are a range of limited edition 3 piece cues combining the latest in contemporary styling with a traditional element. Featuring WAC Plus weight adjustable ring system. Adjust the weight and balance your cue to suit your game.

These are Limited Edition cues with only 1000 available every year, they are a range endorsed by Wold Champions, Limited Edition 3/4 joint cues combining the latest contemporary styling with a traditional element.

These cues feature the latest WAC+ joint system to control the weight & balance to suit your game. These cues also feature exotic wood inlays and decalised logos, ebonised four point butt and decalised butt shaft designs. All the Legends cues come with a gold (colour) legends smart extension exclusively for this range.

To compliment this range there is a custom built legends case to ensure your limited edition cue keeps good company and is stored in a case worthy of a cue of this standing. Please see below for a link to this case.

Main Features:

  • Weight: WAC+ - Weight Adjustable Cue
  • Length: 57"
  • Tip: 9.5mm Blue Cue Tip
  • Ferrule Type: Brass
  • Shaft: Ultimate Ash Shaft
  • Extras: Gold (colour) Exclusive 9" 'Legends' smart extender

Simply order the cue and case and get your massive discount in the checkout before you commit to buy.