Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why buy a Cornilleau table tennis table?

With an ever increasing number of brands of table tennis tables appearing on the market, including more and more tables produced in China, below are some of Cornilleau's major 'plus points' to help outline the benefits of purchasing a cornilleau table tennis table.

Table Tennis Expert?
For some brands, table tennis is merely an add-on product. Cornilleau, however only make table tennis tables and do not manufacture tables for sale under any brand other than Cornilleau and Tectonic. They have 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of table tennis tables.

Wide Product Range & Innovation
The breadth of cornilleau's range of table tennis tables means there is something to suit all playing requirements and all budgets. In the Cornilleau range, as the tables get more expensive, the playing surfaces get thicker (for better bounce), the legs get sturdier, the frames get heavier, the wheels have brakes, plus you get additional features such as a MAT top (on outdoor tables) or a SKIL top (on indoor tables). The tables higher up in the range also have nifty extras such as corner protection pads, ball dispensers, retractable nets, adjustable leg height and transport handle.

Outdoor (Weatherproof) Tables
Some brands advertise their tables as indoor/outdoor models but the small print states the table must NOT be stored outdoors! All Cornilleau and Tectonic outdoor tables are resistant to sun, rain, snow and frost and can be left safely outside all year round without and risk of deterioration, with or without a cover. On Cornilleau tables, anti-corrosion materials are used on all parts to avoid rusting. See 'Gaurantee' details below.

Playing Surface
Cornilleau use high density chipboard in the manufacture of all their indoor tables. Chinese tables are made using MDF which is far more fragile and can be deformed easily.
Cornilleau's outdoor tables are manufactured using resin laminate, which is not only completely weatherproof but is also resistant to bat blows, unlike tables with an aluminium top which will dent.
The tops on Cornilleau tables are painted by a fully automated painting process using ultra violet to harden the paint giving a regular and quality finish. Brands using a high number of layers of paint are hand painted which means the colour will be less regular and there is a risk or particles getting into the surface during the painting process.

EN Compliance
Due to the risk of a child getting between the panels of the table when it is folded, and following on from a number of incidents, a European Safety Standard for table tennis tables was introduced in March 2005. This is the EU norm EN 14468-1 and All Cornilleau and Tectonic tables conform to this regulation. Be aware that a number of tables on sale from other brands do NOT comply with this regulation.

It is a fact that Cornilleau tables are the safest on the market. The patented DSI system used on Cornilleau brand tables has 16 locking points ensuring the table is fully locked in playing and storage positions for complete child safety. Plus, if a table is opened and the handle released, the top will automatically lock at 65 degrees avoiding any risk of an accident.

The Cornilleau guarantee is amongst the best available backed up by a company which is the European leader in table tennis tables, Cornilleau guarantee their tables against manufacturing defects for 3 years (2 years for Tectonic tables) and this guarantee is extended to 10 years for the playing surface on outdoor tables (3 years for Tectonic tables). As Cornilleau's UK importer, all warranty queries are handled quickly and efficiently here in the UK and replacement parts can be dispatched in a timely way for maximum customer satisfaction.

Playback Facility
Not all tables have a play back facility for solo practice. This means that one person cannot play or practise alone limiting the extent to which a table can be used. All Cornilleau Sport and Tectonic tables have a playback facility and are suitable for solo practice.

Assembly of the Table
Cornilleau tables are easy to assemble using clear and detailed diagrams and many parts are pre-assembled in the factory. An assembly service is available if preferred.

After Sale Service
Cornilleau guarantee the availability of spare parts for a minimum of 5 years from the last production date of any table. Cornilleau stock all the key spares in the UK to ensure a prompt and efficient service.

Remember the purchase of a table tennis table tends to be a one-off purchase, so it is important to get it right. Cornilleau is a tried and tested brand, the European leader in table tennis tables and the world leader in outdoor tables.

To buy your table or simply look at Cornilleau's great range of tables and features click here.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas 2010 Special Offers - Buy now and Save - Beet the VAT increase

We have now released our 2010 table offers featuring pool tables snooker tables, air hockey tables, table tennis tables and football tables. These great offers are available while stocks last.

We recommend you order earlier rather than later to ensure delivery, stock availability and to beet the VAT increase, due to be brought in on the 01/01/2011.

Below are details of the current table offers:

5ft Clifton Folding Pool Table - PT20-5D
was £149 Now only £139.99

5ft Riley Folding Pool Table - FP-5B+
was £159 Now only £152.50

7ft Berwick Pool Table - PT13-7D
was £439 Now only £399

5ft Folding Snooker Table - RS-5AG
Add on a set of Spots and Stripes pool balls to your order for as little as £10. was £165 Now only £129.99

6ft Folding Snooker & Pool Table - FS-6
Now includes FREE Dartboard and Spots and Stripes balls. was £199.99 Now only £199.99

5ft Folding Snooker & Pool Table - FS-5AG
Now includes FREE Dartboard and Spots and Stripes balls. was £159.99 Now only £159.99

6ft Folding Snooker & Pool Table - RS-6AG
Add on a set of Spots and Stripes pool balls to your order for as little as £10. was £195 Now only £159.99

6ft Kingsbury folding Snooker Table - ST22-6L
Add on a set of Spots and Stripes pool balls to your order for as little as £10. was £199.99 Now only £179.99

6ft Lexington folding Snooker Table - ST15-6D
Add on a set of Spots and Stripes pool balls to your order for as little as £10. was £199.99 Now only £184.99

6ft Riley Snooker Table - ST12-6L+
Add on a set of Spots and Stripes pool balls to your order for as little as £10. was £199.99 Now only £189.99

Riley 4ft 6in Football table The Cradle - FT46OK9
was £225 Now only £209.99

6ft Folding Air Hockey table - H6D-222
was £199.99 Now only £179.99

Riley 9ft Full Size Table Tennis Table - ISD1173
was £199.99 Now only £194.99