Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the top Pool Cues made for fighting

I bet the headline got your attention but we notice that there seems to be a lot of reporting online of assaults on people with a pool cue. We have to admit to scratching our heads here as to why people consider a pool cue a suitable choice for a weapon. Maybe its the sword like length but we recommend a pool cue is only good for one thing - PLAYING POOL... not literally knocking 2 bags of crap out of your opponent.

More details on deadly assaults with a pool cue can be found here:

Our Summer Mad Sale is STILL ON!

We didn't think this was going to happen but our summer sale is still on... we're really still waiting for a HOT summer but heh lets be glad its not raining that much.... still mighty windy for June though don't you think??

So our Pool and Snooker sale is ongoing for now - best scarper over to our main site BB Billiards and check it out before all the Barmy Bargains go... do it right now before it rains, we get a grump on and stop the sale. And we wouldn't want that now, would we?

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