Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jimmy White Slated for Poor Performance

Mark King took the chance of reaching the final stages of the World Snooker Championship for the 26th time away from Jimmy White in a dramatic 10-3 defeat in this years qualifying stages.

In a conference after the match played at Sheffield Jimmy White explained that his poor performance during this match was down to a cricked neck. "The injury could not have happened at a worse time," said the six-time Crucible finalist.

This is yet another defeat for Jimmy White in his recent career and is causing some papers and fans to turn on him. Saying that his star is fading fast, when in reality you cant win championships all the time. Jimmy white may be having a bad 2008 so far, but with his experience and talent he will bounce back.

Jimmy White is ranked number 75 provisionally in the worlds rankings which will see him into the main tour for next season.

Despite White's claims to have had a cricked neck, though it is said that he appeared relaxed prior the 1000hrs BST start on Monday and showed no sign of carrying an injury.

Jimmy plaid some exceptional shots during the match and took the 6th frame after potting a red from a safety to go and win 83-30. In the 10th frame Jimmy White took the frame with a score of 90 which brought a huge roar from the peoples champions fans.

He then went on to take the 11th frame bringing the scores back to 8-3.

The fans were hoping for a reminiscent reenactment of a Dennis Taylor-esque come back, but a glorious 72 break from King, the best in the match, was followed by an error strewn 13th frame which proved to be un-lucky for White. With the result settled people started to leave, streaming into the rain on the south yorkshire streets.