Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What is SupaPro and why buy SupaPro?

SupaPro are a quality Wise Buy ball set consisting of a selection of high quality low cost balls for the non proffesional or Pubs and Clubs.

These Supapro balls are available in Pool Balls and Snooker Balls of almost all sizes, provide good quality balls Ideal for home use. These balls are also used largely by the trade as they are cheap and thus can be replaced very easily when needed and are ideal for use on the pool tables and snooker tables they have in the Pubs and Clubs they rent or maintain.

The main differences between the Aramith balls and these are that the colouring of the balls is only skin deep on SupaPro balls, however on Aramith the colouring goes all the way through the ball, also the weighting of the Aramith balls is more perfect, but the plus point for SupaPro balls is the vast range of sizes and styles they are available in. These SupaPro balls are available in sizes from 1.5/8" diamiter balls to 2.1/4" diamiter balls including all the standard sizes upwards, also varying styles from spots & stripes pool balls to Blues and Yellows pool balls to Marbelized pool balls, with supapro you get the full range.

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