Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Get A Top Quality Ash Shaft For Your Cue

The NEW XS-SHAFT Brand - the complete all in one shaft, FEEL

Shaft technology is a significant part of a cue and we believe that the XS-SHAFT will offer you top quality and reliability where you see thre XS mark.

Here is a guide that will help you evaluate cues from any maker/retailer.
Generally, makers can aquire three grades of Ash. Lets call them grades A, B and C.

Grade A Ash Shaft Grades
This is the highest quality grade and all our XS-SHAFT cues use it. You should be able to see an attractive feather like effect, each feather being clearly formed. You can buy grade A ash cues from our site here.

Grade B
This is when the shaft's feather effect is not formed consistently. There is still a pleasing aesthetic look, though without that complete feather formation.

Grade C
This is the lowest possible grade of shaft, both aesthetically and - to a degree - from a performance perspective. Why? Some players use the feather to align themselves during setup of a shot. Grade C shafts have virtually no complete feather formation. Instead, there is just grainy formation with little pattern.

So what about the XS-SHAFT?

The XS-SHAFT is made of Grade A north American Ash.

Each shaft is fitted with a premium, high-quality polished brass ferrule engineered to fit precisely, as if the shaft and ferrule were one piece of ash with no ridges to spoil the cue's sleek lines.
Each joint is individually engineered to fit - as is the brass ferrule - so that it fits flush. Shaft, ferrule and joint should be as one and that's precisely what we promise with every XS-SHAFT.
Each XS-SHAFT is turned up to six times in order to provide a silk-like, smooth finish. We gaurantee no knots, lumps or bumps. Feel the difference by buying an XS shaft cue today.

Remember - if you can't see feather formation but just a grainy or wishy-washy, nondescript effect you are probably buying the lowest grade of Ash.

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