Thursday, November 30, 2006

Latest Riley Competition Lighting Prototype

Riley have put there latest lighting prototype on test here in Bristol. A top level league team from a local pub is trialing the prototype now in The Pied Horse, Bristol.

The New lighting as you can see below is sleek and stylish compared to the old traditional look lighting with its green box and gold string hems. This new lighting currently has 4 fluorescent tubes embedded under silver reflective cross members. The tubes are the latest type similar to those found in new office lighting with no starter motors. Every thing about this light is thought about, there are lots of simple wheels and buttons to make the fitting and maintaining of these lights simple.

The whole inner silver casing can be released at the flick of 4 wheels situated on the top of the light frame. The light can be simply levelled, with its retractable button cable releases. You will note the 4 cables supporting the lighting, these cables feed into catches on the top of the light, these catches when depressed will let the cable get longer or shorter until the catch is released and then it locks tight holding the cable at the length you just specified, making it quick and simple to level.

This lighting is so versatile that it can be connected to another one on its end. As the lighting on it's own is only designed for 6ft and 7ft tables, the lighting has been designed so that the end panel is removable, you can then put two of these lights together in order to make one light large enough to light a full size (12ft) snooker table, as below.

This new design competition lighting is exactly what the industry needs, with only seriously out dated lighting on the market it's high time for some thing different in the light field, and who better to make the first steps than Riley.


Henry said...

What Lux values do you get on a full size snooker table with this fitting?

BB Billiards Team said...

Hello Henry,

Thanks for your interest in the Tournament Lighting. These lights come with 4 lighting tubes, which create a much brighter clinical playing environment than normal lighting of the past and they also feature adjustable fittings to get the lighting at just the right level. What’s more these lights can be connected together to provide 12ft table lighting.

Hope that helps.

Best regards,

Customer Support